James D. Berkelman

Title: Faculty Associate
Phone: 608-265-9757
Email: jberkelman[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Wildlife ecology
Note: I do not take on graduate students.

Scott Bowe

Title: Professor and Wood Products Specialist 
Phone: 608-265-5849
Email: sbowe[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Wood Products Extension

David Drake

Title: Associate Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist
Phone: 608-890-0445
Email: ddrake2[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Wildlife

S. Thompson (Tom) Gower

Title: Professor
Phone: 608-262-0532
Email: stgower[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Forest Ecosystem Ecology
Lab Website

William Karasov

Title: Professor and Chair
Phone: 608-263-9319
Email: wkarasov[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Physiological ecology of terrestrial vertebrates
Lab Website

Eric Kruger

Title: Professor
Phone: 608-262-4754
Email: elkruger[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Tree physiology

Craig Lorimer

Title: Professor
Phone: 608-262-6187
Email: clorimer[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Silviculture, forest ecology, stand dynamics

R. Scott Lutz

Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 608/263-8979
Email: rslute[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Avian ecology, habitat use

David Mladenoff

Title: Beers-Bascom Professor in Conservation
Phone: 608-262-1992/221-6326
Email: djmladen[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Forest Ecology, Landscape Ecology
Lab Website

Mutlu Özdoğan

Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 608-262-0873
Email: ozdogan[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Remote sensing, hydrology, land-use/land-cover change

Jonathan Pauli

Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 608-890-0285
Email: jnpauli[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Wildlife ecology
Lab Website

M. Zachariah (Zach) Peery

Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 608-890-2766
Email: mpeery[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Conservation biology, wildlife population dynamics, and molecular ecology
Lab Website

Anna Pidgeon

Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 608-262-5628
Email: apidgeon[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Avian ecology and landscape ecology
Lab Website

Volker Radeloff

Title: Professor
Phone: 608-263-4349
Email: radeloff[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Landscape ecology, remote sensing, forest biometry

Christine Ribic

Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 608-263-6556
Email: caribic[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Unit Leader, USGS BRD
Wisconsin Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit

Mark Rickenbach

Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 608-262-0134
Email: mgrickenbach[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Extension, social science, and policy
Lab Website

Adena Rissman

Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 608-263-4356
Email: arrissman[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Resource policy, conservation planning and evaluation, ecosystem management, society and natural resources
Lab Website

Michael Samuel

Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 608-263-6882
Email: mdsamuel[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Assistant Unit Leader, USGS BRD
Wisconsin Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit
Lab Website

Glen Stanosz

Title: Professor
Phone: 608-265-2863
Email: gstanosz[at]wisc[dot]edu
Diseases of trees and shrubs in nurseries, landscapes, plantations, and forests; fungal pathogens of trees; roles of microorganisms in natural ecosystems; influences of tree/forest management practices on pathogens and disease development; plant health consultant.
Lab Website - see info here

Philip Townsend

Title: Professor
Phone: 608-262-1669
Email: ptownsend -at - wisc.edu
Expertise: Forest Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Timothy Van Deelen

Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 608-265-3280
Email:  trvandeelen[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Wildlife ecology
Lab Website

Benjamin Zuckerberg

Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: (608) 263-0853
Email: bzuckerberg[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expertise: Modern climate change and habitat loss
Lab Website

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